From Chicago>Philadelphia with numerous stops in between.

I like to tell stories.

On the Schuylkill River with the Philadelphia chapter of WeCanRow (WeCanRow Philly), a breast cancer rowing (crew) team that I founded in 2017. I moved back to Philadelphia in 2010 with the intention of starting this rowing team but life and jobs got in the way.
Then I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Ovarian Cancer in Jan. 2017 right as I was finishing up my masters in journalism innovation from S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. As a two time breast cancer survivor, let me tell you there is nothing that will light a fire under your ass like a stage 3 ovarian cancer diagnosis.

By April, I started seeking out contacts in the rowing community. Got the word out and by May 2017, while I graduated from my graduate program, we secured a boathouse to call home. While things did not go as originally planned utilizing that masters degree, I decided to make my plan and use that degree to start a podcast about gynecological cancers and breast cancer. That baby is called, Ladyballers and so far it has been a slow process since I am also in active treatment for my disease since diagnosis. Yes, over two years of treatment, it’s been rough but a learning experience in all things medical and cancer.

So take a half hour and check out my podcast available on iTunes and Google Play.

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